Kevin Harrington (Shark Tank) partners with Solubag in USA

Kevin Harrington served as a judge on ABC’s Shark Tank

American TV host explains why he invested in Chilean bags that dissolve in water

You may have seen it. His name is Kevin Harrington, he is a well-known American entrepreneur, businessman and investor, who appeared on the jury of Shark Tank, a television program broadcast by the ABC network, in addition to being a pioneer of infomercials in the United States.

In the program, entrepreneurs present their products and solutions to convince a jury of investors – called sharks – to bet on their ideas. Many appearances are made such as from creators of applications to communicate with doctors to inventors of devices to cook ramen in the microwave (did not win).

“I have always worked in mass market products that solve problems, and this can be used by all the people in the world,” he says.

Well, a few weeks ago the nose of Kevin Harrington, creator of the book “Act Now: How I Transform Ideas into Million Dollar Products,” opted for Solubag, the dissolvable bags created by four Chilean entrepreneurs.

Through Lancaster Advisors, Inc., a US advisory and investment fund, Harrington, together with Steve Mandell, an expert lawyer in international business, contacted Chilean entrepreneurs to invest in their product.

Mandell adds, “It is an innovative technology that is unrivaled as a green solution to the global pollution crisis.”

The idea of ​​both investors is to expand the solution beyond exchanges. “Our plan is to start immediately with the shipments and logistics of the product to the consumers. Packaging is a huge industry, and this can replace all of your products. We are going to work on our connections to put this in the hands of logistics centers, distributors, and marketers. This is just a starting point,” says Harrington.

The expectations are great, as Mandell explains: “Our goal is the global adoption of the technology and this is possible because it is an alternative to plastic, since Solubag dissolves in water,” he explains.

On June 30, the solution won the Image of Chile Award 2020” in the SMEs category. Constanza Cea, Executive Director of Imagen Chile, points out that the company’s achievement is the vision of its creators.

“Since Solubag joined the use of the Chile Brand program in 2019, we have seen that their talent and vision for the future has driven them to grow exponentially. We are proud that a ‘Made by Chileans’ product is so appealing to the world and that at the same time it delivers global solutions,” she says.

“This investment is very significant for us, because it allows us to enter one of the most important markets in the world,” says Cabezas, one of the creators.


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