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Solubag is a group of companies that work at a global level formed by Chilean researchers, who have achieved the support from many international investors. The international investors believed in this innovative development which represents a great solution to the serious problem of plastic and its waste. Its operations are designed to commercialize in America, Europe and Africa as the first step, and then take a leap globally. We currently have more than 20 collaborators working on the best development of this technology to make a better world because we firmly believe … We must start TODAY to save TOMORROW.
We have developed a technology, in which flexible and rigid films are manufactured and when it comes in contact with water, it will dissolve without leaving any toxic or polluting residues for the environment. This technology is made of the same material in which the current capsules for medication are manufactured from.

Our History

Did you know that Solubag was first known as a water-soluble detergent? Where different testing processes were continued.

After several tests, validations and approvals in different machines, the first water-soluble bag prototype was obtained, and this is how Solubag was born.

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The first 2 partners who are from the city of Concepcion and who have participated in different forums and entrepreneurship groups in that city.


These partners began to develop a water-soluble detergent, which when in contact with water. From this, Solubag was born in the development of a water soluble film. 


The third and fourth partner is incorporated, where one of them is also from the Concepcion region, who were also known for having people and acquaintances in common in that city. Incorporations this third and fourth partner, which become the first investment partners of the company, buying a percentage of participation in it. With this capital, we continue with testing processes, trials, certifications and industrial patenting process for this technology, water-soluble cloth bags and sheet detergents.


After several tests, validations and approvals in different blown film extrusion machines, the first water-soluble bag prototype is obtained.


The last partner is incorporated, he knew one of the partners mentioned before since they work together on projects for the plastic industry in Chile. In this period, the process of financial structuring and capital raising begins with different investment funds, mainly in Chile. In addition, the global patent registration process for different products was finalized.


After having applied to different capital raising processes and different international awards, we obtained the Singularity Award in 2018, given by Singularity University as the best innovation in Latin America, which allowed us to be in Silicon Valley, USA to do the scaling of the project at a worldwide level.

In addition, the Avonni Award was obtained in Chile in 2018, as the best innovation in the industrial design category in Chile.

This year the company ,Solubag Chile, was also formalized. A company in charge of marketing water-soluble film products for the Chilean market.


Company formalization with the start of commercial operations in different parts of the world in LATAM, Europe, among others.


Obtaining the Chile 2020 Image Award, as one of the companies that has most positioned the “Chile” brand globally.

Operations begin in the USA with commercial offices in Key Biscayne, Florida, for which we already have a company called  “SOLUBAG USA” as the commercial company for all the above-mentioned products, where one of the company’s partners is one of the creators of the program Shark Tank in the USA and creator of the Infomercial Mr. Kevin Harrington.


One of the main US retailers, Pharmapacks, enters Solubag with the objective to be able to supply products to Amazon.com and Walmart.com

At the beginning of the year, the brand Frutista would be the first company to let Solubag use their technology for the food packaging of Frutista peanuts. Once the peanuts are all consumed, the food packaging can be dissolved in a bucket of water where then the water can be poured onto plants or grass since this qualifies as irrigation water according to the standard Chilean Nch 1333.

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Mission & Vision

We have a purpose that we intend to fulfill


To deliver high-quality water-soluble technologies to our customers, which are environmentally friendly. We are looking for permanent innovation and satisfaction in our clients, by responding to their requirements and needs.


To be a global leader in eco-friendly and environmentally friendly products

Our Team

Our team is made up of passionate professionals whose motivation and dedication to their work is vital to the success of Solubag.


Company established in 2020 in charge of the commercialization of our products in the United States of America and Canada.
Our partners are:
KBHS LLC (For more than 30 years, Kevin Harrington has empowered innovative entrepreneurs and business leaders to turn dreams into mind-blowing reality; www.kevinharrington.tc)
Lancaster Advisory (Lancaster Advisors was founded in 2016 with a single mission: to be the most effective solution for companies that want to enter the LATAM or United States markets; www. https://www.lancaster-latam.com/)
Founder Capital (Founders Capital Management, LLC is a privately owned SEC-registered investment advisory firm that provides investment advisory and asset management services to individuals, families, and businesses http://www.founderscapital.com/)
Pharmapack LLC (Pharmapacks is a leading e-commerce enablement platform and a premier retailer that connects consumers to their favorite health, beauty, and wellness brands in popular online marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Target, and Google Shopping. Since the beginning of Pharmapacks in 2010, the company has grown to become one of the largest market retailers in North America; www.pharmamack.com)

Empresa constituida el 2018 encargada de la comercialización de nuestros productos en Chile
Nuestro socios en Chile son:
Agrocommerce S.A. (Clean time Sa). En todo lo que significa desarrollo y comercialización de Envases flexibles para retaill (Agrocommerce fue fundada en el año 2001 por Fernando Videla), con el objeto de brindar una alternativa competitiva a la industria de alimentos y retail.

La misma se encuentra dedicada a la importación, distribución y comercialización de múltiples categorías de productos, sumado al desarrollo de servicios complementarios, que aportan a la cadena de valor y ofrece al mercado un servicio integral de la mas alta calidad, web: www.agrocommerce.cl).

Empresa constituida el 2018 encargada de la comercialización de nuestros productos en Latinoamérica y en al caso de Chile los productos de tela y detergentes
Nuestro socios en esta sociedad son :
Inversiones Clave (Empresa constituida por 2 empresarios Chilenos, los cuales tienen inversiones en distintos tipos de industrias, tanto en Chile como en el extranjero y  que actualmente se encuentran erradicados en México y USA respectivamente)

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